Pierce Brothers drop second single ‘Dentist’ and music video

Marking their second release in 2020

Pierce Brothers have released a new single, ‘Dentist’, a song pumped full of folk nuances and a little classic indie. Scroll down the page for the video.

Released on Friday September 25, the Melbourne pair said in a press release that the track represents “vulnerability during a trying time”, ensconced by the accompanying music video.

The day before the Victoria Stage 4 lockdown was implemented, the boys got creative with their friend and collaborator, Carl Allison (‘Dance Monkey’, Tones And I), filming in brother Jack Pierce’s living room, with the varied shots depicting the various aspects of instrumentation used on the track.


“In the time of COVID there is not a whole lot we’ve been able to do shoot-wise,” said brother Pat Pierce. “We couldn’t get locations, or extras, or even a real crew, so we had to improvise.

“Carl and I have worked together on lots of projects before… It was great just getting back into filming beautiful scenes again and it seems fitting to have the clip be representative of this place in time. We included photos of our friends and family we’re missing to reflect the fact we were, in fact, stuck at home.”

In the video we see the pair performing in the gently sunlight room filled with plants and guitars, the camera panning through family photos during a soothing harmonica solo.

Watch it now:

‘Dentist’ is the follow-up to the Melbourne pair’s May single ‘Kanko’, the release of which broke an extended hiatus.


“After ‘Kanko’, we wanted to explore a deeper sound, and bring some harmonica back into the studio, which is something our recordings have been missing,” Jack Pierce said about ‘Dentist’ in a press release.

Both singles are lifted from a forthcoming larger body of work, due for staggered release through the rest of 2020 and into early 2021. “This year has thrown everyone around like a ragdoll,” said Jack. “I’m so excited to have so many new songs in the can and ready to release over the summer!

“It’ll be nice to see our friends, family, and fans again when we’re allowed back out, and to bring everyone some new material!”

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