Pierce Brothers return with new single and video ‘Kanko’

After they took an extended hiatus

Melbourne folk duo Pierce Brothers have returned after an extended hiatus with new single and video ‘Kanko’. Watch it below.

“We’ve done a lot of varied styles over the last few releases and we really wanted to get back to our folk roots, simple songs with heart and a basic message behind them,” band member Jack Pierce said of the song in a press statement.


“We’ve taken some time off touring for the first time in 8 years and this song is about going to that place. Going to be free. Finding solace and freedom in the mountain air – that’s what ‘Kanko’ is; a mountain I visited while travelling in Japan, when we came home I loved it so much that we used the name for my dog.”

‘Kanko’ is the first release we’ve heard from the band since their 2018 full-length studio album, ‘Atlas Shoulders’.

The plans for the film’s original video had to be cancelled, along with Jack’s wedding, due to the coronavirus pandemic, so the band had to think of an alternative.

“We had big plans on making a little trip while we were in New Zealand and getting some of the beautiful landscapes and mountains as a feature, but then we had to cancel it all, so we had to improvise,” Pat Pierce said.

“The song is about holding on and knowing that those times will come again so we used the footage from tours we’ve done over the last few years, and filmed new stuff in our little home studio, with a cast and crew of just the two of us. I think it reinforces that feeling, that we will get through all this, that this isolation won’t be forever, and we can always make do!”


The band will be giving ‘Kanko’ its live premiere as part of their new live-stream series ‘Live From The Loungeroom’, with the first edition happening at 7pm AEST on Friday, May 22.