Plaster of Paris tackle women’s safety in new single ‘Internalise’

The band's debut album, 'Lost Familiar', is due out in June

Melbourne post-punk outfit Plaster of Paris have released a new single, ‘Internalise’, in the lead-up to their debut album’s arrival in June.

The hard-hitting single tackles the issue of women’s safety in public spaces and the consequences that come with having to be aware of your surroundings constantly.

“A huge amount of people in this world can’t walk around without fear of violence,” vocalist Zec Zechner said in a statement.


“So many people can’t enjoy outdoor spaces, can’t walk home safely, can’t wear headphones at night, can’t be free to wear what they want and not get hassled.

“These fears become internalised, and we don’t even realise that we are avoiding spaces, mapping routes for safety and tensing our senses constantly. It’s emotionally draining to live this way, and the song tries to shine a light on this and the strength and determination it can take just to be outside.”

‘Internalise’ is accompanied by a collage stop-motion music video created by Kalindy Williams. Watch it below:

‘Internalise’ is lifted from Plaster of Paris’ forthcoming debut album ‘Lost Familiar’, due out June 23 through Psychic Hysteria. Many other tracks on the album share similar themes to that found in ‘Internalise’: body autonomy, queer identity and the climate crisis.


The album is engineered by Casey Rice and Paul Maybury, with post-production from Nao Anzai.

In the past, Plaster of Paris have performed alongside the likes of Cable Ties, Kim Salmon and Screaming Females, among other acts.