PNAU share new single ‘Lucky’ featuring Vlossom

Their first new music of 2020

PNAU have shared their first new music of 2020 with ‘Lucky’, featuring the vocals of Alister Wright from Vlossom and formerly, Cloud Control.

They’ve also shared an accompanying animated trippy music video. Check it out below:


Vocalist-producer Nick Littlemore said ‘Lucky’ was written during “a time of deep reflection” in Sydney’s winter last year.

“I was in limbo without a visa to return home in Los Angeles; moving from low rent hotels to expired motels, couches and the like,” he said in a press release.

“Alister and I were yet to release any Vlossom music, but we were in a place of imagineering our possible futures. ‘Lucky’ represents that most golden future, shimmering just in the distance like over a frosty hill, approaching. Like a summer of love is on its way to you, full up of emotional ecstasy.”

The song marks a blurring of projects for Littlemore, as he is one half of the newly-formed Vlossom duo with Wright. They released their debut EP together, ‘My Friend’, earlier this year after several singles.

‘Lucky’ is the third single released between albums for PNAU, following last year’s Ollie Gabriel-featuring ‘All Of Us’ and ‘Solid Gold’ with Kira Divine and Marques Toliver. PNAU released their last studio album, ‘Changa’, in 2017.


Last month, Littlemore hinted a new Empire Of The Sun album could be on its way. He told podcast host Neil Griffiths that both him and lead vocalist Luke Steele had done “quite a lot of work” on a forthcoming album.

“We went to Japan a few times and made some really interesting recordings out there and then we worked back here in LA,” Littlemore said.