PNAU’s Nick Littlemore provides update on new Elton John collaboration

Nick Littlemore has been working remotely with Elton John, according to a new interview

PNAU‘s Nick Littlemore has provided an update on the progress of a new collaboration with Elton John.

Per an interview with The Age this week, Littlemore has completed several tracks for the album, now expected to be released within the year. He told the newspaper they had been working on the material remotely during the pandemic.

The high-flying pair previously collaborated on their 2012 remix album, ‘Good Morning To The Night’. The record took samples from John’s vast catalogue of recordings and turned them into entirely new songs.


Littlemore first confirmed the new music in a Reddit AMA mid-last year, responding to a user who asked if PNAU and John would work together again.

“We are pushing deeper cuts and harder grooves working with Elton’s later ‘70s work and much of the ‘80s material also. We are beyond thrilled to have this incredible opportunity once more,” Littlemore said at the time.

On triple j Drive in May, Littlemore foreshadowed a collaboration between them, John and The Kid LAROI entitled ‘Cold Heart’.

According to the interview, the unfinished track will feature both LAROI and John singing together.

“It’s a record that we put together four different songs of [Elton John’s] over a PNAU dance groove. It’s crazy,” Littlemore added. “I don’t know when it’s coming out, this is a world exclusive right now, I shouldn’t be talking about it.”

The song is yet to be released, and it is unclear if it is part of the full album Littlemore mentioned to The Age.


Elsewhere in the interview, Littlemore also said PNAU was working on their own album to be out “hopefully before Christmas”. It will include the Budjerah-featuring single ‘Stranger Love’, and Ladyhawke collaboration ‘River’.

The ever-prolific Littlemore recently sat down with NME to discuss his new collaborative album with Holiday Sidewinder, called ‘Face Of God’. The pair explained how the record, released last month, was inspired by hallucinations and explores themes such as global doom.

“I always tell my wife, when the world goes to shit, it’s gonna look really good. If you look at sunsets when there’s shit in the sky, it looks amazing,” Littlemore said.

“Whilst music isn’t gonna save the planet, it’s a good soundtrack for the one that’s disintegrating.”