Polish Club announce new album ‘Now We’re Cookin’

They've also shared their new ballad, 'No Heaven'

Polish Club have today announced their new album ‘Now We’re Cookin’, delivering another taste of it with new single ‘No Heaven’.

‘No Heaven’ is the third cut we’ve heard from ‘Now We’re Cookin’ so far, following ‘Stop For A Minute’ and ‘Just Talking’.

‘No Heaven’ moves away from the thrashing rock of its predecessors, seeing the duo deliver a ballad with a black-and-white, one-take music video to match.


Watch the Luke Rodely-directed music video below.

“We ended up writing about 90 songs,” said frontman Dave Novak of the album writing process, which he reveals happened during last year’s lockdown.

“30 the first time, and our manager didn’t go for any. Then we changed tack the second time and got a few more in, and by the last round…”

“We were just writing straight hits,” bandmate JH continued. “Dave would bring something in and I’d be like ‘It needs more hooks’. We were ruthless.”

After sharing that most of the references for ‘Now We’re Cookin’ – out Friday, July 23 – were from pop and R&B songs, Novak said, “If we did the same bluesy-soul shit album after album, it would be much harder to take inspiration or satisfaction from that.


“Repeating yourself doesn’t somehow mean you’re being more true to yourself. I think it’s the opposite; you’re just being lazy.”

The release of ‘Now We’re Cookin’ will be accompanied by a line of exclusive merch and limited-edition 180-gram solid blue coloured vinyl.

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