Polish Club release double A-side ‘Boys On Vacation/Bad Vibrations’, announce new album

"Anger and political vitriol comes out in all artists’ music"

Polish Club have announced the release of their fourth album, ‘Now We’re Cookin’ In Hell’, along with a double A-side single comprising ‘Boys On Vacation’ and ‘Bad Vibrations’.

Both songs are abrasive, relatable and frustrated, taking Polish Club’s signature rock ‘n’ roll sound to new heights. ‘Boys On Vacation’ sees Polish Club take aim at Prime Minister Scott Morrison and his notorious absence during the bushfires of summer 2020/21, when he was on holiday in Hawaii.

An accompanying music clip features a montage of Morrison’s face superimposed on sunny holiday activities, while the lyrics, “Boys on vacation, from the nation / Waikiki / Treasure of the nation, have some patience / Oahu,” play out. Take a look at that below:


On the other hand, ‘Bad Vibrations’ rolls its eyes sarcastically at things that don’t work properly in the city of Sydney, such as trams not fitting properly on tracks and ferries that are too high. Listen to that one below:

‘Now We’re Cookin’ In Hell’ is due for release on June 10 via Island Records. In addition to ‘Boys On Vacation’ and ‘Bad Vibrations, the release will feature the previously released single ‘Unstable’. Find the full tracklist below.

On the upcoming LP, frontman Dave Novak said: “I think it’s inevitable that anger and political vitriol comes out in all artists’ music. I’m sure some full badass edgelord already has their unkempt fingers on their keyboards, ready to tell us that we should stick to ‘music’ and stay out of ‘things we don’t understand’.

“It’s none of my concern if anyone is unable to realise that essentially all music is inherently political, especially in a time where the entire industry has been left to die by the government.”


As well as the standard digital release, ‘Now We’re Cookin’ In Hell’ will be available on a limited edition 180-gram red and yellow vinyl.

‘Now We’re Cookin’ In Hell’ comes as the follow up to Polish Club’s third LP, ‘Now We’re Cookin’, which was released last year. That offering featured a slew of singles, including ‘No Heaven’, ‘Just Talking’, ‘Whack’ and ‘Baby We’re Burning’.

Polish Club’s ‘Now We’re Cookin’ In Hell’ tracklist is:

1. ‘Let’s Go!’
2. ‘Boys On Vacation’
3. ‘Bad Vibrations’
4. ‘Unstable’
5. ‘David’s Inferno’
6. ‘Time Crisis II’
7. ‘Like It Like That’
8. ‘Get It Right’
9. ‘End Of The World’
10. ‘¡Vamos!’

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