Polish Club share Northeast Party House remix for ‘Just Talking’

The original dropped last month

Polish Club have shared a new remix for their song, ‘Just Talking’, created by Northeast Party House.

The original track was released last month, marking Polish Club’s first new track of the year. It was also the duo’s first release since their covers EP, ‘nye_2020_megamix.exe’.

Polish Club had previously toured with Northeast Party House in 2016, and enlisted them for a synth-laden reimagination of ‘Just Talking’.


Listen to that below:

“Where the original leads you on a chill summer drive, the remix thrusts you onto the dancefloor at 3am later that night,” Polish Club’s David Novak said in a statement.

Upon the release of the original version of ‘Just Talking’, Novak said the lyrics for the song came from a place of impulse after dealing with a “difficult second album”.

“We had found ourselves overthinking songs, so it was instinctual to shut that down and go back to writing whatever felt right. Songs that sound effortless do so because they were effortless to write. It’s near impossible to fake that,” he said.


According to Novak, ‘Just Talking’ is also their first song with an acoustic guitar front and centre.

“We’ve been writing in a more stripped back environment and it has resulted in music that has to stand up on its own merit with just melody and beat over some chords. That simplicity and directness permeates through the lyrics and message,” Novak said.