Political group launches bid to ban Ibiza beach parties

Podemos wants music to be inaudible for local residents

A new political group has launched a campaign to ban all beach clubs and “hotel discos” on the Spanish island of Ibiza.

The Ibiza-based organisation Podemos has called on the government to forbid such parties because they cause “serious inconvenience” for local residents. Campaign members claim that the “roar” from loud music overnight can be heard “for miles”.

Podemos spokesman Fernando Gómez said the group aims to “end the legal limbo of one of the most important problems caused by tourism on the island of Ibiza, i.e. the serious inconvenience caused by the so-called beach clubs and hotel nightclubs” [via MixMag].


He also accused the beach clubs in the resort of Playa d’en Bossa to be the loudest noise-makers with a “roar” that can be heard for miles around the island, “much to the misfortune of the thousands of people who live there”.

Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza, Spain
Amnesia nightclub in Ibiza, Spain. CREDIT: Victor Spinelli/Getty Images

“But there are several other examples of beach bars or restaurants on other beaches that have become sources of noise and disturbance,” he said, alluding to the open-air nightclubs located on the island’s shorelines.

Podemos is lobbying the government to fine establishments that play music at audible volume. It’s not clear if a decibel limit will be applied should authorities sanction new laws.

In other news, it was confirmed last month that nightclubs on the island can re-open from April. Clubs have not opened for a full season since 2019, owing to the COVID pandemic.


Last year, clubs were subject to restrictions such as capacity limits, COVID passports and mask-wearing. Many were only able to stay open for a short time too.