Pond’s Nicholas Allbrook releases trippy new song ‘SO 25’

“Here is a new song made with my NEW FREE TIME, for your NEW FREE TIME”

Nicholas Allbrook is the latest musician to let his creative juices flow during self-isolation, releasing a sprawling six-minute track called ‘SO 25.’

The track was released exclusively on Bandcamp and came accompanied with a statement from Allbrook saying, “this song is vaguely about how badly I treated my body as a wee sprout, and how much I value it now that our collective health is peering over the blood slicked eaves of the glistening towers we raised to mock the sky…”

He also explained how the textures of the song mimic everyday ambient noise, as “fast tape loops also sound remarkably like the torrents of babble-babble that paka our ears on the daily.”


The Pond frontman created ‘SO 25’ with a Roland 505 (“an excellent companion to isolation”) that was made with his “new free time.” Other instruments in the mix include the synth Critter & Guitari Pocket Piano, tape loops and a flute.

As it stands, ‘SO 25’ can only be streamed on Bandcamp.

The release of the track coincided with an offer Bandcamp had in place for 24 hours – from midnight PST on Friday 20 March – whereby artists received 100 per cent of revenue from purchases on the site.

Artists typically receive 90 per cent of their merch sales and 85 per cent of music sales, with the platform taking the remainder.


This initiative was brought in as a response to artists losing income due from the coronavirus outbreak, which forced either the cancellation or postponement of festivals, tours and events all over the world.

In a statement released on Bandcamp Daily, CEO Ethan Diamond stressed, “for many artists, a single day of boosted sales can mean the difference between being able to pay rent or not.”

Nearing the end of the offer, Bandcamp tweeted over $3 million had been made with still six hours to go. They are yet to announce the final revenue amount.