Pond’s Shiny Joe Ryan details second solo album ‘Shiny’s Democracy’

The multi-instrumentalist's first new solo album in seven years

Pond multi-instrumentalist Shiny Joe Ryan has announced a new album, ‘Shiny’s Democracy’, set for release on Friday July 23.

The album’s title is a play on ‘Chinese Democracy’, Guns N’ Roses‘ infamous 2008 album that experienced some 20 years of delays. This also alludes to Ryan’s lengthy absence from making solo music. His last album, entitled ‘Shiny Joe Ryan and the Cosmic Microwave Background’, was released in 2014.

The announcement of the album coincides with the release of its lead single, ‘Ketamine’. Watch the video for the single, directed by Shane Corry, below:


In a press statement, Ryan described ‘Ketamine’ as “one of [his] favourites” from the new album, explaining how it was written.

“After mulling the chords over for a long time, some friends and I were laying on an apartment floor in Berlin when we randomly started singing and harmonising together,” he said.

“We spelled out each letter of ‘ketamine’ to the chords I had written. The harmonies were beautiful, and it was so absurd singing ‘ketamine’ over those innocent chords, that I had no choice but to keep it, write the verses and record it. I find it very funny singing it at shows when my mum is in the crowd.”

Ryan’s return to his solo career follows on from Pond bandmate Jay Watson releasing a new album, ‘Out in the World’, under the moniker of GUM in June of 2020. The year prior, Pond leader Nicholas Allbrook released his third solo album, ‘Wabi Sabi Bruto Bruta’.


Pond themselves, meanwhile, will release a new studio album entitled ‘9’ this October.