Poppongene shares Market remix of ‘Already Gone’

The second single from her upcoming remix EP

Melbourne singer-songwriter Poppongene – real name Sophie Treloar – has shared a new remix of ‘Already Gone’ by Market.

The track premiered with an accompanying music video, featuring an array of lo-fi footage shot by both Poppongene and Market. Watch it below:


The Market remix of ‘Already Gone’ is the second track lifted from Poppongene’s forthcoming ‘Futures Unsure Remix EP’, which will be released digitally on September 4 via Our Golden Friend.

“I was so excited for Lee (Market) to remix a Pops song,” said Treloar in a statement.

“I love their music so much, and it really is such a treat to hear how the two differing sounds melded together. It’s also nice to hear this song transformed from a heart-acher into a nuanced and carefully considered banger.”

Market, the alias for artist and producer Lee Hannah, said it was “super hard to pick a song when Sophie and I were chatting about a remix”.

“But in the end I really loved the sincerity of ‘Already Gone’ and wanted to play around with expanding that mood and space a little further. I liked the idea of keeping the sounds just as minimal, but tinkering with the drum machines to create a sense of urgency and release.

“The original wasn’t recorded to a click track, so there are a bunch of these very slightly out of time blemishes that I really love.”


The track follows Sunbeam Sound Machine’s remix of Treloar’s ‘I Can’t Be What You Need’, which dropped earlier last month.

Other collaborators set to feature on the remix album include Dianas, Snowy Band, Bonnie Knight and Good Morning.

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