Porcelain Boy release new single ‘DAYCATION’

Following the release of their debut single 'dull girl' earlier this year

Sydney duo Porcelain Boy have today (July 24) released their second-ever single, titled ‘DAYCATION’.

The single, which is produced by Central Coast’s lovemedo, follows up the duo’s debut track, ‘dull girl’, which dropped earlier this year.

The track is also lovemedo’s first output since the release of his lead single ‘Weekdays’, which saw him team up with Don Leaton.


Listen to ‘DAYCATION’ below:

“’DAYCATION’ is the daydream vacation we create for ourselves and the ones we wish we could love,” the duo said of the song in a press statement.

“A road trip holiday made in our mind’s eye to escape with those that we cannot bring with us in reality. The song takes shape as a conversation between friends. A debate ripe with conjectures & hypotheticals, all to distance themselves from obvious and unfortunate conclusions. Because honestly, it’s much easier to dress our problems than address them.”

Comprised of Jordan and Jordyn and collectively going by Jordxn, Porcelain Boy said in a recent interview with Pilerats that they’ll be spending 2020 creating.

“We’re not out here trying to change the world with this project just yet, but what we can offer is a coupla minutes,” they said.


“It’s not an indefinite escape, but if our music can transform someone’s bedroom into the solo rave they need for 3 minutes, we’re about it.”

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