Powderfinger announce ‘Odyssey Number Five’ 20th anniversary reissue with new tracks

Including previously unreleased recordings

Powderfinger have announced a special 20th anniversary deluxe double LP reissue of their 2000 album ‘Odyssey Number Five’ with new tracks.

The 11-track album has been blown out to 21 tracks, with the inclusion of B-sides ‘Nature Boy’ and ‘Fuzzy Wolf’, acoustic renditions of ‘My Happiness’ and ‘Up and Down and Back Again’, and five covers.

Among the covers are Joy Division’s ‘Transmission’, Elvis Costello’s ‘Let Him Dangle’, The Psychedelic Furs’ ‘Love My Way’ and more. Some of the tracks have never received a digital release.


The band wrote a brief reflection on the album alongside the announcement.

“20 years is a long time ago. Stating the obvious really…but it also seems so recent. We are honoured that this record is still held in such high esteem for so many people, and the songs are pinned to so many people’s different memories. Similarly, the good, the bad and the hilarious memories of the ON5 sessions come flooding back to us when listening to this record,” Powderfinger said.

“We hope that you love this reissue and the extra bits and pieces attached to it. We thank you from the bottom of our little Brisbane hearts for coming along with us for the ride.”

The anniversary vinyl is available for pre-order now, with the first copies expected to arrive September 4.

‘Odyssey Number Five’ is Powderfinger’s most commercially successful album, going seven times platinum since its release. In 2001, it earned the band five ARIA awards. It was also the closest the band ever got to breaking the US market, being the first and only album to chart in the country.


Powderfinger raised $450,000 for charities Support Act and Beyond Blue when they reunited for the first time in a decade in May. The one-off performance saw the Brisbane rock legends play from their respective home studios – with the exception of bassist John Collins, who played in isolation to an empty Fortitude Music Hall.

The tracklist of the 20th anniversary deluxe edition 2LP ‘Odyssey Number Five’ is:

Original album:

  1. ‘Waiting for the Sun’
  2. ‘My Happiness’
  3. ‘The Metre’
  4. ‘Like a Dog’
  5. ‘Odyssey #5’
  6. ‘Up & Down & Back Again’
  7. ‘My Kind of Scene’
  8. ‘These Days’
  9. ‘We Should Be Together Now’
  10. ‘Thrilloilogy’
  11. ‘Whatever Makes You Happy’ 

    Deluxe Edition Tracks:

  12. ‘My Happiness (Acoustic)’ *
  13. ‘Up and Down and Back Again (Acoustic)’ *
  14. ‘Nature Boy’ (B Side)
  15. ‘Fuzzy Wolf’ (B Side)
  16. ‘Whatever Makes You Happy (Piano Version)’
  17. ‘Love My Way’ (Psychedelic Furs)
  18. ‘Rocket Reducer No 62’ (MC5)
  19. ‘Radio (Transmission)’ (Joy Division) *
  20. ‘The Number of the Beast’ (Iron Maiden)
  21. ‘Let Him Dangle’ (Elvis Costello) *
    * denotes previously unreleased

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