Powderfinger founding trio return as The Predators, share new single ‘Taking Fire’

After 15 years, the band's debut album is arriving this week

Three founding members of Powderfinger reunited earlier this year to deliver their first taste of new music in over a decade, dropping new single ‘Taking Fire’.

Ian Haug, John Collins and Steve Bishop make up The Predators – a spin-off group that first came into fruition when Powderfinger went on hiatus, back in 2004. They were joined by Far Out Corporation drummer Ross McLennan and were active for a short number of years, releasing one EP titled ‘Pick Up The Pace’ (2006).

The Predators’ released their comeback single ‘Lead The Way‘ last month, ahead of their forthcoming album ‘Everybody Loves’. Now, the group have shared their second single, ‘Taking Fire’. Listen below:



Speaking to The Courier Mailbassist John Collins said this of the album: “It doesn’t sound like our previous band, which is good. It never would. It’s got a different influence for me, it comes from a different place.

“We were playing the same things for so long, that’s why we stopped playing. We need to write some new material…that’s what a record gives you, the ability to go play something you want to play again.”

The Predators’ debut full-length release ‘Everybody Loves’ will arrive this week on October 15. The Brisbane outfit will play a sold out launch show at The Triffid that night, featuring special guests Dopamine and Elko Fields.

They’ll also be performing a Christmas party on December 15 at The Outpost bar, within Fortitude Music Hall. Tickets and further event information can be found here.


Earlier this month, Collins appeared on TODAY to criticise the Queensland government’s apparent double standards between restrictions on sport and music, inferring the music industry is in “survival mode”.

Collins – who co-owns two Brisbane venues, The Triffid and Fortitude Music Hall – went on to discuss the effects ongoing restrictions have on the mental health of those who work in the industry.

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