Hear a preview of AB6IX’s upcoming sophomore album ‘Mo’ Complete’

The record will be released next week

AB6IX have provided fans with a preview of their upcoming second studio album ‘Mo’ Complete’.

On September 23, the four-member group dropped video that features brief snippets of the ten tracks that will be included in their upcoming sophomore album. This includes the record’s upcoming title track ‘Cherry’, which was composed by member Lee Dae-hwi, and written by him and fellow member Park Woo-jin.

Aside from ‘Cherry’, the two remaining members of AB6IX – Jeon Woong and Kim Dong-hyun – also have writing credits on B-side tracks such as ‘Level Up’ and ‘3″‘, respectively.


Other tracks on the record also see multiple production and writing credits from several frequent AB6IX collaborators, including in-house Brand New Music producer OUOW who has worked on past AB6IX releases, as well as earattack and BOOMBASTIC, among others.

Due out on September 27 at 6pm KST, the quartet first announced the release of ‘Mo’ Complete’ earlier this month with a “logo motion” teaser, in reference to the group’s debut EP ‘B:Complete’ as well as their most recent EP ‘Mo’ Complete: Have A Dream’.

The upcoming release will be AB6IX’s third comeback this year, after January’s ‘Salute: A New Hope’ and April’s ‘Mo Complete: Have A Dream’. The two mini-albums featured the title tracks ‘Stay Young’ and ‘Close’, respectively.

AB6IX debuted in May 2019 under Brand New Music with the mini-album ‘B:Complete’. They released their first full-length album ‘6ixense’ in October of the same year, which most notably featured the lead single ‘Blind For Love’. The group went on to put out two additional projects in 2020.

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