Primo! share acoustic version of ‘Diamond Day’ from isolation to celebrate new album

Recorded "live" by each member separately

Primo! have shared an acoustic version of their new song ‘Diamond Day’ recorded from isolation to celebrate the release of their new album ‘Sogni’.

The Melbourne rockers recorded the “live” version over the past week from the members’ respective homes, coordinated over email and filmed individually. The video is compiled together from each member’s contribution. Watch it below:


Guitarist Xanthe Waite told NME Australia today the video’s production made the four piece feel “abstractly ‘in the same place at the same time'”.

“We might come up with some more home versions… we will see!” she added.

‘Diamond Day’ is taken from the band’s second full length album, ‘Sogni’, out today. It features the pre-release singles ‘Machine’, ‘Best and Fairest’ and ‘Perfect Paper’. Listen to it below:

‘Sogni’, which translates from Italian to ‘Dreams’, was recorded to an 8-track at “a number of home studios in Melbourne”, with Al Montfort from Total Control and Dick Diver.

“Al is a good friend of ours so it’s been really fun recording with him. He doesn’t push any ideas and helps us do exactly what we want within the means of how we are working. We have only ever recorded with good friends (shout out to Trav who helped us record Primo! Cassetto) and mostly at home,” Waite said.


“It’s a process that has suited these recordings; it means the songs are coming out of a convivial and supportive atmosphere, which we love.”

Waite said it’s “definitely strange” to release the album amidst the coronavirus pandemic.

“I’m worrying a lot for the world right now. For me the record has kind of come into sharper focus,” Waite said.

“The themes of decision making and change that influenced the lyrics for this album seem strangely fitting right now. The message that solidarity and friendship are ways of working through change is all over this album though, I hope that comes across and means people feel good when they are listening to it.”

The new album sees the band expand to a quartet, with the addition of Amy Hill on bass guitar. Primo!’s debut album ‘Amici’ was released in 2018.

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