Listen to Princess Nokia’s two new albums ‘Everything Sucks’ and ‘Everything Is Beautiful’

Double delight for Nokia fans

Princess Nokia has released two brand new albums, ‘Everything Sucks’ and ‘Everything Is Beautiful’

‘Everything Sucks’ was recorded in one week in New York with Chris Lare, and has been described as “a brash, ruthless and insistent collection” of songs.

‘Everything Sucks’ was the first Nokia release to drop today (February 26), and you can hear it below.


The second album, ‘Everything Is Beautiful’, has also been released today.

Led by the single ‘Green Eggs & Ham’, the record has been described as “a representation of the sensitive, feminine side of the gender fluid artist”.

Recorded across two years in New York, Puerto Rico, and Los Angeles, ‘Everything Is Beautiful’ also features the track ‘Gemini’ — which sees the New York rapper exploring a wide range of influences, from hip-hop royalty like A Tribe Called Quest to the gothic rock of The Doors with their refrain of “riders on the storm“.

Discussing her new work, Nokia told NME in 2019: “It’s a really well composed, thought-out brilliantly musical project.


“I go back to hip-hop, acoustic, R’nB, soul, and there’s some Latin music on it,” she continued. “These lyrics are from the pages of my diary. It’s the diary of a young girl going through heartbreak, loss, betrayal, fame, insecurities, doubt, boundaries, self-care, and more than anything, healing.”

Nokia added: “Healing as a young girl at the start of womanhood. Healing and being honest with everything that I’m feeling and experiencing, and bringing it into poetic light and making it very powerful.”