Psy drops high-energy performance video for ‘Ganji’, featuring Jessi

From Psy's ninth studio album, 'Psy 9th'

Psy and Jessi have unveiled a new performance video for ‘Ganji’, a cut from the former’s recently-released studio album.

‘Ganji”s video treatment, filmed in portrait mode, sees the two musicians performing the song’s choreography in what appears to be the P Nation headquarters, as they move across different sets including a dance studio, conference room and a lobby. Both Psy and Jessi are also accompanied by a group of back-up dancers, who are all dressed in red-and-white themed outfits.

Psy oppa told me, get your Korean right / I just say K, and I do whatever yeah / I ain’t gotta try it’s just my ganji, I was born with it / Ain’t married but look at my ring,” spits Jess in her verse.


‘Ganji’ is a cut from Psy’s ninth studio album ‘Psy 9th’, which dropped in late April. Both Jessi and Psy spoke about the song’s creation prior to the album’s release, with the former revealing that she had initially turned Psy’s offer down.

“But I heard the song, and the beat was so good,” Jessi said of ‘Ganji’, which loosely translates to “swag” in English. She also added that her verse had previously included more English lyrics, however they were eventually cut at Psy’s request.

Jessi is just one of many collaborators featured on Psy’s new record, with the ‘Gangnam Style’ singer having worked with BTS’ Suga on its title track ‘That That’K-R&B singer-songwriter Crush for ‘Happier’, Hwasa on ‘Now’ as well as Epik High‘s TabloHeize, Sung Si-kyung and more.

Jessi had also been the first artist to sign with Psy’s agency, P Nation, upon its establishment in early 2019. While he has helped pen several of her hits like ‘Nunu Nana’, ‘What Type of X’ and the recent ‘Zoom’, ‘Ganji’ had marked the first time the pair released a song together.

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