Quakers share new single ‘Approach With Caution’ featuring Sampa The Great

The second single from their forthcoming album

Hip-hop collective Quakers have shared a new single, ‘Approach With Caution’, featuring Sampa The Great.

The new track is the second single from their forthcoming sophomore album, ‘II: The Next Wave’, following September single ‘Double Jointed’ featuring The Koreatown Oddity.

Listen to ‘Approach With Caution’ below:


The core members of Quakers consist of three producers: Supa K (fka Katalyst), 7STU7 and Fuzzface (aka Geoff Barrow) as executive producer.

“Katalyst has evolved into Supa K, 7STU7 has taken up intergalactic smuggling, and Fuzzface only communicates telepathically, silently overseeing the Quakers operation from afar,” Quakers said in a statement.

Per a press release, ‘II: The Next Wave’ will address topical issues including systemic corruption, racism and the climate crisis.

“The project has evolved organically, similar to last time,” Supa K said in a separate statement.

“But the world has changed and the music reflects that. We’ve all had enough of the global corruption and all those profiting from it.”


Quakers released their eponymous debut album in 2012, featuring a whopping 41 tracks and 30 guest MCs discovered primarily through MySpace. ‘II: The Next Wave’ will see several rappers return, but will primarily consist of new guests. Find the full list below.

The tracklist for ‘II: The Next Wave’ is:

1. ‘Electrify’
2. ‘Start It Like This (feat. Phat Kat)’
3. ‘One Of A Kind (feat. Guilty Simpson)’
4. ‘Sell Your Soul’
5. ‘Bare Essentials (feat. The Niyat)’
6. ‘A Myth (feat. Sageinfinite)’
7. ‘This Station (feat. Jeremiah Jae)’
8. ‘Alive’
9. ‘Heat On It (feat. Grandmilly)’
10. ‘Double Jointed (feat. The Koreatown Oddity)’
11. ‘Who Dat (feat. Chester Watson)’
12. ‘Radiola (feat. Radioactivists)’
13. ‘Gun Control (feat. The Black Opera)’
14. ‘We Tried’
15. ‘Duck & Cover (feat. Guilty Simpson, Cysion)’
16. ‘Morphine (feat. Bob Banner)’
17. ‘Approach With Caution (feat. Sampa The Great)’
18. ‘The Streets’
19. ‘Looking For Love (feat. Denmark Vessey)’
20. ‘Fa Real (feat. Jeru The Damaja)’
21. ‘A Quick Fix (feat. Y2, Super Vic)’
22. ‘Test My Patience (feat. Jonwayne)’
23. ‘Too Many To Count’
24. ‘Greatness (feat. Nolan The Ninja)’
25. ‘Hit List (feat. Cazeaux O.L.S.O)’
26. ‘Another Kind Of War (feat. Jeremiah Jae)’
27. ‘Leaflet Drops’
28. ‘One O’clock’
29. ‘All Of It (feat. Boog Brown)’
30. ‘Machine Room (feat. Fat Ray)’
31. ‘Pain (feat. SavKillz)’
32. ‘The Line (feat. Cavalier)’
33. ‘Blocks (feat. Dante Boom)’