Queensland to ease dancing, indoor and outdoor venue restrictions from tomorrow

Taking effect from 1am tomorrow

Good news for residents in Queensland, as the state government has announced an easing of restrictions relating to dancing and events.

Effective from 1am tomorrow (January 22), dancing will be allowed in all indoor and outdoor venues, like pubs and nightclubs, as well as outdoor music festivals. However, a one-person-per-two-square-metre rule must be in place.

In addition, indoor events will be allowed to operate at a 500-person capacity, as long as they have a COVID-safe event checklist in place. Outdoor events can operate at a 1,500 person capacity under the same rule. Larger events in both instances require a COVID-safe plan instead.


Indoor seated events, such as concerts, can operate at 100 per cent capacity, although people attending are encouraged to wear a mask upon both entry and exit from the venue.

Performers at these events will have to distance themselves at least two metres away from the audience, while choirs must distance four metres.

Queensland Premier Annastacia Palaszczuk thanked the citizens of the state for their efforts at maintaining the spread.

“…This is wonderful news today and, look, can I sincerely thank the people of Greater Brisbane in those local government areas of Brisbane, Logan, Ipswich, Redlands and Moreton,” she said.

“You have done an absolutely terrific job.”


This news comes shortly after New Zealand hosted the biggest concert in the world since early last year, with band Six60 playing a colossal, 20,000 person gig. The event didn’t require patrons to wear masks or socially distance from one another.