Radiohead are selling ‘KID A MNESIA’ teapots, teacups and saucers

It's part of a sprawling collection of merchandise related to the band's 'Kid A' and 'Amnesiac' deluxe reissue

Radiohead have unveiled a special range of merchandise in celebration of ‘KID A MNESIA’, including a limited edition tea set.

‘KID A MNESIA’ is a triple album reissue celebrating the 20th anniversary of two of the band’s seminal early 2000s albums, ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’. The reissue also came with the launch of a virtual exhibition and now a string of merch has been made available.

Beyond the usual clothing, patches and pins, there’s also a number of more unconventional merchandise items available to pre-order, namely a custom made tea set.


Made with fine bone china, the teapot holds four cups and, along with two teacups and saucers, is decorated with art associated with the reissue. The full set will put you back £185, and will ship in early February.

Other notable items available for sale include bedsheets, a cross stitch kit, a tin of biscuits and more. You can see the full merch list here.

In addition to the re-release of ‘Kid A’ and ‘Amnesiac’, Radiohead also released an album titled ‘Kid Amnesiae’ consisting of unreleased material that didn’t make the final cut during the recording sessions of those two albums.

In a review of the albumNME‘s Andrew Trendell wrote, “Ultimately, ‘Kid Amnesiae’ not only offers a mood piece, but also a companion and secret history behind the making of two essential, landmark records – and the rebirth of a great band.”