Radiohead’s entire discography has been added to YouTube

It comes days after Billboard announced they will factor in YouTube streams when determining an album’s chart status

Radiohead‘s entire discography has been added to YouTube days after Billboard announced they will count YouTube streams when determining chart positions.

From their 1993 debut album ‘Pablo Honey’ through to 2016’s ‘A Moon Shaped Pool’, you can listen to Radiohead’s back catalogue of releases via their YouTube account.

It is not clear whether Radiohead added the albums themselves or if it’s the doing of XL Recordings, who acquired the band’s catalogue back in 2016.


Everything through to 2003’s ‘Hail to the Thief’ has a published timestamp of 2016, notes Reddit account r/radiohead, but YouTube has labelled each playlist as being “updated yesterday” (December 18).

Last week, it was announced that video and audio data from YouTube, along with visual plays from several music streaming services, will be factored into the Billboard 200 albums chart. In addition to YouTube, officially licensed video content plays from Apple, Spotify, Tidal and Vevo will be included in the album chart’s calculations.

In 2013, Billboard started counting YouTube streaming data to determine a song’s position on the Hot 100 Chart. The first song to hit the top spot following the inclusion of YouTube streams was Baauer’s ‘Harlem Shake’ on February 15, 2013.

Last week, Thom Yorke and Beyoncé were named among the nominees for the Best Original Song at the 92nd Academy Awards.


The Radiohead frontman has been recognised for ‘Daily Battles’ from Motherless Brooklyn, while Beyoncé’s ‘Spirit’ from The Lion King is also vying for the top prize.

Meanwhile, Yorke wants to know why we keep producing people like Donald Trump.

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