Rammstein’s Till Lindemann helped stranded Ukrainian refugee find shelter in Berlin

"Now I love Rammstein," refugee Alisa Komm said

Rammstein vocalist Till Lindemann has helped a Ukrainian refugee who was stranded after fleeing the ongoing war in her country.

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered the country’s military to launch a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on February 24. At the time of writing, the UN reports that at least 816 civilians had died, with a further 1333 injured.

The story of refugee Alisa Komm’s meeting with Lindemann was posted on Instagram by the rapper Potap, and has since been confirmed by Rammstein’s reps to Loudwire.


Komm arrived at Berlin train station shortly after Russia declared war on Ukraine, but was unable to find an available hotel. She then described how Lindemann helped her to find a hotel via a volunteer at the station.

The post reads (as translated via Metal Addicts): “I feel bad, I want to cry [and] approach another volunteer. I explain the situation. He says we will decide now. And then… Till comes up with Jessica [Till‘s director], they are talking about something with a volunteer.

“I can’t believe that in front of me in the midst of all this apocalypse is the lead singer of Rammstein in a fashionable coat, no less fashionable shoes and a hat from Mozgi. He has terribly kind and beautiful eyes.”

Lindemann and his assistant managed to find Komm “a great hotel”, paid for her room and gave her 50 Euros.

“Jessica gives me her number and tells me to call if I need anything. I want to cry. Kissed Tilly 3 times. He is embarrassed. I tell him that I used to love Britney Spears and now I love Rammstein. He sincerely laughs.”


Rammstein recently spoke out in support of Ukraine in light of the country’s ongoing conflict with Russia.

“The band Rammstein wishes to express its support for the nation of Ukraine as it resists the shocking attack perpetrated by the Russian government,” they wrote. “Above all at this moment, we feel particular grief for the suffering of the Ukrainian people.

“Each member of the band has various experiences of the two countries; all members of the band have friends, associates, partners, fans in both lands.”

Their post concluded: “We acknowledge the desperation that many Russian fans may feel when faced with the actions of their government, and we want to remember the humanity shared by both Russian and Ukrainian citizens.”

The actions of Putin, who has claimed that Russia does not intend to occupy Ukraine and that his country’s actions amount to a “special military operation”, have drawn widespread condemnation from across the globe.

You can donate here to the Red Cross to help those affected by the conflict, or via a number of other ways through Choose Love.

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