Rancid Eddie gigs cancelled amid controversy, one by booking agency citing band’s “unacceptable behaviour”

The Melbourne band were set to tour Australia in 2022 in support of their single 'Dry', which was criticised last week for "misogynistic" lyrics

Some gigs on Rancid Eddie’s 2022 tour have been cancelled after the Melbourne band faced criticism for “misogynistic” lyrics in their new single ‘Dry’.

The band came under fire last week following the release of their new single ‘Dry’. Many online, including other Australian artists, took issue with the song’s lyrical content, describing it as “misogynistic”.

Brisbane booking agency Interstellar Music took to Instagram earlier this week to announce that it had cancelled the band’s sold-out February 18 show at Brisbane’s Thirsty Chiefs Brewing Co, describing it as a “very easy decision”.

“We have made the very easy decision to cancel the upcoming Rancid Eddie show in Brisbane on Feb 18 due to their unacceptable behaviour,” a statement from the agency read.

“Their actions and words have no place in this world and we will always strive for our gigs to be safe places for women.”

Tone Deaf has since reported that other Rancid Eddie gigs on their Opposite Of Wet 2022 tour appear to have been axed. Vinnies Dive in Southport, Queensland reposted Interstellar’s statement on its own Instagram page, confirming that it had made the “very easy decision” to cancel Rancid Eddie’s February 19 show at its venue. The Vinnies show, initially slated for February 19, is now marked as cancelled on Oztix.

Other apparently axed Rancid Eddie shows include their February 12 show at La La La’s in Wollongong, now marked as cancelled on Moshtix, their February 17 show at Woolly Mammoth in Fortitude Valley (also cancelled on Moshtix) and their February 25 show at The Espy in St Kilda (which was sold out by September 24 and is now manually designated “cancelled” on Moshtix). NME has contacted these venues, as well as promoters Four Tone and Yours & Owls, for comment.

At the time of publication, Rancid Eddie have yet to publicly respond to the cancellations of these shows. NME has contacted the band and their management for comment.

Late last week, Kira Puru weighed in on the band’s lyrics, which she said contained content that “shouldn’t be normalised”. “It doesn’t matter what the song’s about or whether the band identify as misogynists,” she tweeted, alongside a screenshot of the lyrics of ‘Dry’.

“The lyric ‘I’m always drunk ‘cuz I hate you’ unapologetically hints at the type of behaviour that anyone who has been in an abusive [relationship] knows well and shouldn’t be normalised let alone promoted,” she wrote.

Other artists like Montaigne, Eves Karydas, Nick Ward and Between You & Me have also condemned the band’s lyrics, in not only ‘Dry’ but other songs Rancid Eddie previously shared on social media. The other songs in question, which have not been formally released, have since been deleted, but featured lyrics referring to a woman as a “slut” and “cum rag”.

Rancid Eddie acknowledged those unreleased songs as well as the wider criticism of ‘Dry’ in a post on Instagram on Saturday (October 2).

They wrote, “We’ve seen some comments online calling us misogynists. We want to be very clear that although we explore the dark sides of relationships in our lyrics (and we understand that these lyrics can be problematic for some), we oppose hatred or violence of any kind against women. Men who abuse women are pathetic and we don’t tolerate it.

“Earlier this year we posted acoustic live videos of song ideas as we were in the midst of writing to get feedback from our fans. We know that some of those went too far for some people, and we took those videos down.

“‘Dry’ was never one of those songs. It’s about falling out of love and becoming bitter toward someone while you’re still in a relationship with them.

“You’re allowed to not like the song (we’re already getting sick of it too), but we’re overwhelmed by the people who are supporting it.”

Besides their 2022 tour, Rancid Eddie are still slated to play two Victorian shows next month. They are due to play November 26 and 27 at Commercial Hotel in South Morang and Village Green Hotel in Mulgrave respectively.

Additional reporting from Caleb Triscari