Red Velvet’s Joy says for three months she “only focused” on her solo album

"I discussed the concept for every song with the visual team”

Joy of Red Velvet has opened up the work she put behind her debut solo album ‘Hello’.

In an interview with Singles Magazine, as translated by Soompi, the K-pop idol shared how she has worked on the record for over a quarter of a year and coordinated with a visual team on the project’s entire concept.

“For a period of over three months, I only focused on working on this album,” Joy admitted. “I discussed the hairstyle, makeup and outfit concept for every song with the visual team.”


The singer also shared how her decision to recreate classic songs for ‘Hello’ stemmed wanting to share the “strength” she feels when listening to the originals. “I wanted to express my feelings about the moments and people that are actually precious once you realize it although they pass by without much thought,” she explained.

The singer also took the time to thank her fans for their support, citing them as the ones who give her the energy to continue working on new activities in the future. “I think my job is to show a variety of colors while continuously doing work that reciprocates the love and support sent by fans,” Joy said.

In related news, Red Velvet are set to make their long-awaited comeback as a full group this coming August. SM Entertainment said in a press statement that the group are currently preparing new music, but have yet to confirm an exact timeline for the release.