Reigan denies Jolyon Petch’s claim that an agreement on ‘Dreams’ credit has been reached

In a new statement, Reigan said "Jolyon has been extremely difficult to negotiate terms with"

WA singer Reigan has hit back at a statement producer Jolyon Petch has made regarding their song ‘Dreams’, with Reigan claiming Petch refused to credit her for her vocals.

Reigan initially released a statement on Wednesday night, ahead of the 2021 ARIAs where ‘Dreams’, a cover of the Fleetwood Mac song, was nominated for Best Dance Recording (losing out to RÜFÜS DU SOL‘s ‘Alive’).

In the statement, Reigan claimed that Petch refused to credit her vocals for the song, and accused both Petch and TMRW Music of copyright infringement by releasing it.


Petch then responded with a statement of his own to NME, saying “‘Dreams’ was never released without Reigan’s consent. And we had come to an agreement to credit her.”

Reigan has now disputed Petch’s statement on Facebook, giving a point-by-point breakdown of what Petch said and refuting his claims where she disagreed. Notably, Reigan stresses that the pair “have never come to an agreement.”

“Jolyon has been extremely difficult to negotiate terms with,” Reigan wrote. She claimed that Petch’s final offer was 15 per cent PPCA, which reportedly contrasts to the 50 per cent PPCA he offers other vocalists he works with “as is standard practice”.

Regarding Jolyon’s statement.“Dreams was never released without Reigan’s consent”- Jolyon never sent any version of…

Posted by Reigan Derry on Thursday, November 25, 2021

Petch also argued that Reigan only reached out asking to be credited for ‘Dreams’ “in the past seven weeks” as the song began to gain traction. Reigan said she reached out 10 weeks prior to the ARIAs, asking Petch if she had been registered as the vocalist on the song.

“When he expressed that I am not entitled to performance credit because I’m not the ‘artist’, it was then I sought legal advice from a music lawyer,” she said.


In response to Petch’s claims that they had reached an agreement, Reigan claims they used the ARIAs to leverage her into accepting a deal she believed to be inadequate.

“I made a point of wanting my name to be featured 10 weeks before the ARIAs and they used this back me into a corner with the rest of the deal as leverage (in order to get me to agree to terms much less than all his other features),” she said.

While Petch claimed that Reigan said she never wanted to be credited for the song, Reigan reiterates that conversations around credit never took place, saying “[Petch] signed the song to TMRW without including me in any way (no share in percentages, no asking my permission and no conversation about a feature).”

NME reached out to TMRW Music for comment, and a spokesperson for the label reiterated that “TMRW Music licensed the fully produced recording of Dreams from Jolyon Petch under usual terms.”

At the end of her new statement, Reigan wrote, “Had Jolyon not pushed back so hard and for so long, I would not have such an extensive lawyer bill, and I would have gotten to celebrate the ARIAs, and all our other wins, together with him.

“At the end of the day I am looking forward to receiving an agreement that accommodates fairness, which is all I’ve ever asked for. I hope that my persistence empowers other artists to know their worth and rights.”

NME has also reached out to Petch for comment on Reigan’s response.