Listen to REMI’s third and final album, ‘Fried’

The album's arrival was postponed from last year

REMI, the rap duo of Remi Kolawole and Sensible J, have today released their third and final album ‘Fried’.

REMI announced the news of their split, and the news of ‘Fried’, earlier this week.

The album is 13 songs long, with featured vocals from Whosane, Lori, Jace XL, Silent Jay, Konny Kon, Tyler Daley and Baasto.


The release of ‘Fried’ was preceded by a string of previously released singles, including ‘5 A.M.’ featuring Whosane, ‘Elevate’, ‘Brain’ featuring Lori and ‘Get It Right’ featuring Jace XL.

‘Fried’ was initially meant to be released around this time last year, but was postponed to an unconfirmed date because “it just doesn’t feel right putting it out now” in light of the pandemic.

“Releasing an album is a very self indulgent process. Because we’re independent, we’d be posting about it all day every day trying to reach as many people as possible and encouraging our fans to do the same,” the duo said back in April 2020.

“What needs to reach the people right now is information. Support. Resources. Self care messaging. Laughter. Connection (within the allocated distance).

“Our guts are telling us to focus on the now. Support, share and create in the now. I think we’ll all know when the time is right.”


‘Fried’ follows on from REMI’s sophomore album ‘Divas and Demons’ in 2016 and their debut LP ‘Raw X Infinity’ in 2014, which went on to win the Australian Music Prize. The group also released the mixtapes ‘Regular People Shit’ in 2012, ‘F.Y.G. ACT:1’ in 2013 and ‘Call It What You Want (F.Y.G. ACT:2)’ in 2015.