Listen to The Rhythm Method’s new lockdown single ‘Nightmare’

"All I've ever wanted was the front of the NME/ but the NME don't cover me"

The Rhythm Method have shared their new single ‘Nightmare’ to streaming platforms – listen to it below.

The London duo, comprised of Joey Bradbury and Rowan Martin, initially uploaded the track to their official YouTube and Bandcamp accounts last month.

Taking to Twitter yesterday (June 8), the group confirmed that the ‘Lockdown Mix’ of the song was now available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon and more.


“Hello boys and girls. Our latest song release ‘Nightmare (Lockdown Mix)’ is now available to stream on all major streaming platforms. Go ahead and enjoy,” they wrote.

All I’ve ever wanted was the front of the NME/ but the NME don’t cover me“, one line in ‘Nightmare’ goes.

From the bottom of your heart, it was over from the start/ And the bottom of the barrel, maybe we should skedaddle“. Later, there is a reference to “bullshit” Tiger King star Joe Exotic and the experiences of “day 15 of COVID-19”.

‘Nightmare’ follows on from The Rhythm Method’s previous single ‘I Love My Television’, which arrived in April. It marked the band’s first material since their 2019 debut album, ‘How Would You Know I Was Lonely?’.

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