Riley Pearce drops new single and video for ‘Statue’

From his forthcoming EP 'Maybe I Can Sleep It Off'

Riley Pearce has released a new single today (August 14), entitled ‘Statue’, alongside an official music video which sees the Melbourne singer-songwriter team up with filmmaker Dara Munnis.

“Everyone involved worked their asses off,” commented Pearce regarding the video-making process. “It wasn’t exactly easy, all the props were either hidden behind the poles or behind the bar in the distance and we had a small crew running and carrying props behind the scenes.

“We only had one chance to film the actual take because of the confetti canons so after we’d done enough rehearsals we went for it and did bloody well… Picking up confetti is fun.”


‘Statue’ is the third single from Pearce’s forthcoming EP ‘Maybe I Can Sleep It Off’, set to arrive September 25. The track follows on from ‘Ceramic Real Estate’ and ‘Breathe & Release’, both of which dropped earlier this year.

“I really hope people connect to what I’m doing,” Pearce says. “Often the music world can try to force you into something you’re not and for me it’s always just been about writing the songs you feel like writing and creating something real. It’s what I intended all along.

“I really enjoyed making these new tracks. It was all about my relationship to my craft… It gave me a deeper respect for the great songwriters, storytellers and lyricists out there and made me excited about all the songs and stories I’m still yet to write.”