RINSE shares ‘Tamaryn (Wherever I Am)’ from debut EP

'Wherever I Am' is set for release this March

Brisbane singer-songwriter RINSE has released his first single of 2021, ‘Tamaryn (Wherever I Am)’.

The track, released today (February 3), serves as the quasi-title track to the project’s debut EP, ‘Wherever I Am’.

It is the fourth RINSE single overall, following 2020’s ‘Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’, ‘Trust In Me’ and ‘Back Into Your Arms’. Hatchie was a featured artist on the latter, who is the fiancée of RINSE’s Joe Aguis.


In a press statement, Aguis notes that ‘Tamaryn’ was one of the first songs written under the RINSE moniker.

“[It] really started the ball rolling for this project,” he said.

“I wanted to write a love song that captured that feeling of falling hard for someone; how high and low it can make you feel at the same time.”

An accompanying music video has also been released for the song. Aguis directed the video himself.

Watch it below:


Aguis collaborated on the song’s video with animators Jackson Phillips and Skye Skye.

“I wanted the video to encapsulate what it’s like being stuck inside your own head when you are totally infatuated with somebody,” he said.

“Whether you’re wondering what they are doing or feeling, or you’re just going through life’s motions until you can see them again.”

RINSE will release ‘Wherever I Am’ independently on Friday March 5.