Rinse shares ‘Trust In Me’ remixes by The Presets, Confidence Man

Three new spins on the shoegazey original

Brisbane songwriter Joe Agius – aka Rinse – has shared a new remix pack based around latest single ‘Trust In Me’.

The collection sees K.I.M (Kim Moyes) of The Presets, Goodchild from Confidence Man and Los Angeles producer Orchin all give their spin on the track. Agius released the original – a swirling, kaleidoscopic dream-pop cut – last month.

“There were so many directions I could have taken ‘Trust in Me’ when I was writing it, so the idea of getting it remixed was always something I had on my mind,” commented Agius in a statement.


“I decided to ask three friends that I could trust with hearing my naked vocal stems to give it a crack and I was blown away with the results. Each remix is a completely different spin on the song and really shows the best parts of the track with each artist’s distinct personal style.”

Stream all three remixes, along with the original, below:

Moyes, a longtime fan of Agius’ work, commented that he was more than happy to add his take on the track. “When I heard he had started his new project Rinse, I already had a suspicion it was going to be awesome and, of course, when I was asked to remix ‘Trust in Me’ I immediately jumped at the opportunity.”

Goodchild adds, “I love the original and was excited by the idea of stripping it back, opening it up and connecting some of the original parts with a few new ones of my own to focus in on the slow burn expansiveness of the mood and arrangement.”

‘Trust In Me’ is Agius’ second offering under the Rinse moniker, after he launched the project with debut single ‘Tell Me Tell Me Tell Me’ back in March.


In addition to his solo project, Agius is a member of The Creases. He’s also a frequent Hatchie collaborator, producing, co-writing and performing with the Brisbane artist.

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