Roisin Murphy dedicates BBC 6 Music Festival set to Andrew Weatherall: “He really was something very very special”

"I wish I could tell him, because I never really told him"

Roisin Murphy dedicated her set at the BBC 6 Music Festival in London last night to the late Andrew Weatherall.

The singer was playing the Roundhouse as part of the festival, and took time during closing song ‘Flash Of Light’ to pay tribute to the DJ and producer.

“I’d like to dedicate this set to Andrew Weatherall,” she said. “He really was something very very special and I wish I could tell him, because I never really told him… big cheer for Andy Weatherall!”


Watch the full show back here, and see footage below, with Murphy calling Weatherall “The last Deadbeat Descendent”.

Speaking on 6 Music after the show, Murphy added: “It’s always nice that last song, ‘Flash of Light’. Even though hardly anyone knows it, it’s just got such a very emotional groove, it’s always nice to end on that one.

“And of course I dedicated it, as I dedicated the whole set, to Andrew Weatherall. Yes, that felt right.”

Andrew Weatherall (Picture: John Barrett)

Weatherall passed away last month after suffering a pulmonary embolism. Upon news of his death, a host of musicians including Primal Scream and The Charlatans paid tribute to the lauded DJ and producer.


Last night, at a gig in Leeds which Weatherall would’ve been performing at, Peggy Gou closed her set by playing Primal Scream’s ‘Loaded’, one of Weatherall’s most famous productions.

In the wake of the legendary DJ’s death, a massive 900 hours of mixes by Andrew Weatherall have been shared by a group of fans.

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