Romy and Fred Again.. collaborate on trance-inspired floorfiller ‘Strong’

"Writing this has helped me connect with these feelings of grief," said Romy

Romy and Fred Again.. have reunited for a fresh collaboration – stream the trance-inspired ‘Strong’ below.

The song comes two years after Romy, who is co-vocalist and guitarist with The xx,  released her debut solo single ‘Lifetime‘.

Since then she’s teamed up with Fred Again.. and HAAi for ‘Lights Out’, which was released in January.


‘Strong’ explores grief, as Romy explained in an Instagram post shared today (November 14).

“This is a very personal song,” she wrote. “My cousin Luis is in the music video with me. He was on my mind when I was writing this song, we both have the shared experience of our mums passing away when we were young. I think we both kind of try to hold emotions down and put on a brave face about stuff – writing this has helped me connect with these feelings of grief and with him. I’m so grateful he was up for being in the video, thank you Luis.”

Romy continued: “I really loved working with Fred on this song, our friendship helps me feel safe to be honest and vulnerable lyrically and we definitely connect over our love of songwriting and emotions in dance music. It’s been so exciting seeing the journey this songs been on since you played it in your boiler room, Fred you are the best!”

The musician went on to say that her wife, Vic Lentaigne, directed the song’s accompanying music video.

“Thank you for capturing this moment so beautifully Vic, you are amazing 💖 and a big big thank you to all the team on the shoot. Also, a huge shout out and thanks to Stuart Price who worked with Fred and I to evolve and finish this song, you are a hero.”


This summer Romy joined her The xx bandmate Oliver Sim onstage for his debut solo show in London. Sim released his first album ‘Hideous Bastard‘ in September.

Speculation of a debut album from Romy has been rife ever since the release of ‘Lifetime’, though she hasn’t yet announced a record.

The xx
The xx CREDIT: Getty

The xx, meanwhile, will “definitely” release more music in the future, Sim has said.

In a recent interview with Consequence, the bassist and singer said: “The xx will always be my home and will always be my priority. And normally I wouldn’t speak for Romy [Madley Croft] and Jamie [xx], but I know they feel the same.

“I think all of us doing our solo projects just makes me excited. It’s like, how is this gonna change the band? What have we all learned independently? And nothing is recorded at the moment, but there is more music from The xx, definitely.”

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