Ruby Fields releases piano-led single ‘Bottle’o’

Lifted from her debut album arriving this Friday

Ruby Fields has released a new single, ‘Bottle’o’, days before the arrival of her debut album.

The closing track on the LP, ‘Bottle’o’ deals with a personal crisis in Fields’ life. The piano-led song was written back in August 2019 while Fields was living on her farm, “waiting for someone to visit, who never made it”.

“Went to the shops, tried to get money out and couldn’t. I didn’t have my ID so I had to use cash and my passport to buy beers. Got home and wrote a pretty ordinary poem about it in my opinion but then I sat at a piano and just took it from there and now it might be my favourite,” she said.


Listen to ‘Bottle’o’ below:

‘Bottle’o’ is the fourth single lifted from Fields’ debut album, ‘Been Doin’ It For A Bit’, arriving this Friday (September 24). It follows on from previous singles ‘R.E.G.O’, ‘Song About A Boy’, and ‘Pretty Grim’.

“Since I was 17 I’ve been doing the Ruby Fields thing, but I gave myself a break last year to finally come to terms with who I am as a person,” Fields said of the album. “I’m not sure I’ve taken the time to reflect on that after high school.

“Making mistakes is part of life, but in 2020 my self-worth wasn’t validated by who I was onstage. So I’ve been working on being a better friend, partner, bandmate; just a better person.”


The album comes after Fields’ two EPs, 2018’s ‘Your Dad’s Opinion for Dinner’ and 2019’s ‘Permanent Hermit’.

The album will be followed by a launch show in Byron Bay on Saturday (September 25), as well as a handful of Queensland tour dates in January.