Ruby Gill battles sexism on ‘You Should Do This for a Living’

Featuring backing vocals from the likes of Angie McMahon and Maple Glider

Melbourne singer-songwriter Ruby Gill has shared her first new music of 2021, a single entitled ‘You Should Do This for a Living’.

The track, released today (August 19), is Gill’s third overall as a solo artist. It follows her 2018 debut, ‘Your Mum’, and last year’s ‘Borderlines’.

The song was produced by Laura Hancock, and features backing vocals from a makeshift choir of fellow Australian singer-songwriters. Among those that provided vocals are Angie McMahon, Maple Gilder, Mimi Gilbert, Hannah Cameron and Hannah Blackburn.


Listen to ‘You Should Do This for a Living’ below:

In a press statement, Gill explained that the song’s intention is to tear down the grip that men in positions of power have over women in the music industry – both metaphorically and literally.

“This song is for anyone who’s had a man change their guitar tone without their permission, had their worries ignored because worries aren’t sexy, or had their body convinced to do things that hurt – all in the name of getting ahead,” she said.

“It is a singular story based solely on my own perspective, as all art is. I hope other people will feel seen by [the song]. We write the songs we wish we had heard when we were little.”


Gill also notes that no men were involved in the creation of the song – its writing, its recording, its musicians, its mixing or its mastering. She says that although it “might sound glib,” for most of the people involved in making the song it was “the first and only time we’ve been in a studio session without any men.”

“That’s astounding to me,” she said. “The energy and peace in the room, and now in the song, was even more astounding.”