Ruel, Ian Moss and Phil Stack announced for Earfest digital festival

In celebration of Eardrum's 30th anniversary

Ruel, Ian Moss, Phil Stack and more are set to feature on this year’s Earfest lineup.

The digital arts festival consists of original works performed by thirty artists, actors, comedians, poets and writers throughout the month of September. The current lineup is available here, with more artists to be announced in the near future.

According to Earfest’s website, performances will range from beatboxing, podcast pilots, storytelling, glass playing, alt-pop, slam poetry and more. Festival attendees will be emailed a link each day of September containing an original piece of work from an artist.


While registration is free, Earfest encourages donations towards The Shepherd Centre, a charity assisting children with hearing loss.

The festival is hosted by audio specialist agency Eardrum, which is celebrating its 30th anniversary supporting Australia’s creative community.

“Every night as my three siblings and I were drifting off, my parents would crank up their Dutch comedy and bebop records (separate records… although comedy bebop could be a thing),” said Eardrum founder Ralph van Dijk in a statement.

“I barely understood a word or recognised a tune but I was mesmerised and obsessed with trying to predict the punchlines and hooks. Forty odd years later, I’m just as obsessed with the way words, sounds and music move us. And I can’t wait to share the astonishing mix of audio-based art that makes up our inaugural Earfest collection.

“We’ve commissioned thirty original works by thirty diverse artists, to be released throughout the thirty days of September. A fitting way to mark Eardrum’s 30th birthday, but more importantly to celebrate the power of audio and help support those with the skills to harness it.”

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