Ruel embraces post-breakup blessings on ‘Someone Else’s Problem’

It's the second preview of Ruel's forthcoming debut album

Ruel has shared his third single for the year, a triumphant kiss-off titled ‘Someone Else’s Problem’.

As its title suggests, the Sydney-based pop singer’s latest sees him looking forward to the future following the end of a relationship. “It’s about that feeling you get when you realise the benefits that only the end of a relationship can bring,” he explained in a statement. “When you look through a different lens at all the time you spent with that special someone and realise you’re way better off without them.

“I wanted to write something with subject matter that was more lighthearted, kinda funny, but still empowering. I really love this song and I hope my fans can relate to it and feel better about themselves after a shitty break up.” Listen below:


‘Someone Else’s Problem’ marks the second preview of Ruel’s forthcoming debut album, following the release of ‘You Against Yourself’ back in August. The album, which is yet to be formally announced, will follow up the singer’s 2020 EP ‘Bright Lights, Red Eyes’.

Earlier this year, when discussing the upcoming release during an interview with triple j, Ruel explained that the album was largely written throughout the pandemic. “When COVID came along I honed in on my skills,” he said.

“[I] tried to write a bunch of shit and I felt myself getting a lot better… I felt a huge ownership over [the album], because a lot of it is more me than anything [else],” he added. “I’m really excited about this, more so than any other project I’ve done.”

In addition to ‘Someone Else’s Problem’ and ‘You Against Yourself’, Ruel has also shared a string of standalone singles over the past year and a half. ‘too many feelings’ and ‘GROWING UP IS _____’ both arrived in 2021, and he shared the acoustic-driven ‘Let The Grass Grow’ in March of this year.