Ruel reveals that he has started making a “screamo grime” track

"The lyrics were so disgusting, but in the best way possible"

Ruel is fresh off the release of his latest EP, but he is apparently still working away, recently revealing that he’s begun work on a screamo and grime-influenced track.

In an interview with ELLE Magazine as part of their ‘Song Association’ series, the NME Australia cover star spoke about unexpected career aspirations, when he dropped the curveball that he’s begun work on what he called a “screamo grime” track.

“I started making a track the other day to this one beat,” he explained.


“I put on a guitar pedal distortion, cranked it the fuck up, and put on, like a grime accent. I just did, like, a screamo, grime, Slowthai thing. It was, like, a minute. The lyrics were so disgusting, but in the best way possible.”

He then chuckled as he said the song, “might be coming out off my new album”. You can watch the full interview here.

In other surprising news, Ruel also revealed that he has ambitions of making an ambient song.

“I would like to write or make a completely ambient song,” he said.

“I’ve been listening to ambient music so much recently. Ah, it’s just so soothing, and I’d like to make my own. When I listen to ambient music, I’m like ‘Oh, but I would’ve done this here’.”


While we have no signs of screamo, grime OR ambient tracks from Ruel just yet, fans do have his recently-dropped EP ‘Bright Lights, Red Eyes’ to sink their teeth into.

He’s set to perform a slew of tracks from the EP at his forthcoming show atop the MCA in Sydney’s Circular Quay, which will also be live-streamed around the world.