Rumours wrestle with the demons of addiction on new single ‘Blood Eagle’

The poignant new song explores “the kind of persona that addiction takes on”

Naarm/Melbourne-based metalcore outfit Rumours have returned with ‘Blood Eagle’, a driving and destructive tune that sees frontman Jackson Bentley open up about his struggles with addiction. 

In a press release, the singer explained that he wanted the song to explore “the kind of persona that addiction takes on”, which he described as “almost like an alter ego” that “you carry with you at all times”. 

Have a look at the accompanying music video for ‘Blood Eagle’, directed by Indey Salvestro and produced by Andrew Vaughn, below:


Expounding on the soul-baring themes behind ‘Blood Eagle’, Bentley said: “My addiction is something I’ve never really written in depth about. I didn’t want to write about it in such a way that it would be alienating for listeners, I wanted to talk about it metaphorically and sing as if I’m singing it to a person that’s standing right in front of me, facing the addiction head on.”

The singer noted that his addiction lasted around five years, but he’s been clean for nearly six. Nevertheless, he said, “No matter how many years clean you are, it’s like this shadow part of yourself that surreptitiously follows you around.”

‘Blood Eagle’ was produced, mixed and mastered by longtime collaborator (and Windwaker drummer) Chris Lalic,  and comes as Rumours’ first release for 2022. It follows on from their debut EP, ‘If Only You Could Feel Something Too’, which landed last March and sported the singles ‘Incredulous’, ‘Mania’ and ‘Neurosis’.

The band will launch ‘Blood Eagle’ live in a little under a month, taking to the stage at Naarm’s Cherry Bar on Friday July 15. Support for the gig will come from The City, Mobs and Bitch Eyes, with tickets on sale now – find them here.