Ryan Fennis and Voidhood release debut collaborative track ‘Tapped’

Released through the newly-launched Pointer Records

Canberra artists Ryan Fennis and Voidhood have released the first single from their new collaborative project, ‘Tapped’.

The fast-paced single brings together a heavy bassline, distorted vocals and metallic-sounding synths to tackle the “present-day, technological dystopia” of Canberra. A warping music video, directed by Fennis, shows the two artists performing in front of concrete buildings and other industrial areas.

Watch the clip for ‘Tapped’ below:



‘Tapped’ was released through Pointer Recordings, a new imprint of Australian record label Remote Control. Billed as a label for “non-traditional”, digital-only releases, Pointer aims to “amplify the voices of fiercely creative and ambitious artists”.

“Over the last few years, I’ve been experimenting with my sound to something that feels truly myself, and waiting for the right people who want to get behind it. Pointer seems like the perfect fit to me – they’re genuine people and they genuinely fuck with the sound and look that I’m developing,” Fennis said.

Voidhood’s Will Klep added, “[Pointer] feel future-facing, and unafraid to throw aside old models in favour of artists and supporting their visions.”


The label released its first single, Imbi and Slim Set‘s join track ‘Heatsink’ last month. Following that, they signed and released the debut single from Telenova, a band featuring members of Slum Sociable and Miami Horror.

Fennis released his most recent EP, ‘Iceberg’, back in October. Voidhood’s forthcoming debut album is entitled ‘PSYCHTHRILLER’, and does not currently have a release date.