SaD announce debut album, release new single ‘Sign From Above’

The project pairs Simona Castricum and Daphne Camf of NO ZU

Melbourne duo SaD have released a new single, ‘Sign From Above’, also announcing the forthcoming release of their debut album, ‘Saturn Rules The Material World’.

SaD – which pairs Simona Castricum and NO ZU’s Daphne Camf – released ‘Sign From Above’ today, a track that sees the two “pay romantic homage through dark and minimal waves of crooning lamentations and danceable vulnerability”.

Listen to ‘Sign From Above’ now:


Camf said the forthcoming album “was written relatively quickly and intuitively between Simona and I capturing a reflective period where we both took to the task of doing what artists can always be relied on to do – turning pain into cathartic beauty.”

Following the release of debut single ‘The Poets Of Antiquity’ in 2018 and its follow-up, 2019’s ‘Don’t Go’, SaD have steadily built a cult following in Melbourne’s live music scene, supporting the likes of Moon Duo, Black Cab and Underground Lovers.

As a solo artist, Castricum released her third studio album ‘Panic/Desire’ earlier this year featuring the singles ‘Good In You’ and ‘The Present’.

‘Saturn Rules The Material World’ is slated for release on September 25 via Trans Brunswick Express.

SaD’s ‘Saturn Rules The Material World’ tracklist is:


1. ‘To Know You’
2. ‘Love Is Confirmed’
3. ‘Don’t Go’
4. ‘Saturn Rules The Material World’
5. ‘Still Alive’
6. ‘Sign From Above’
7. ‘Raining Pleasure’
8. ‘Poets Of Antiquity’