SAFIA announce ‘Story’s Start or End’ live EP

Recorded during their national album tour

Canberra trio SAFIA have announced a new live EP to celebrate the anniversary of their second studio album ‘Story’s Start or End’.

The five tracks on the EP were recorded across multiple shows from the band’s album tour and mixed by Alex Gooden, who also mixed the studio album. Dedicating the record to their touring crew, SAFIA said they’ll be donating all proceeds from an EP merch bundle to music mental health charity Support Act for one week from today (August 10).

“Over the past few years [our crew] have worked tirelessly to help us improve every facet of our show and their unwavering passion and dedication keeps pushing us to make it better,” the band said in a statement.


“So, in celebration of the 1st anniversary of our album Story’s Start or End, we’ve decided to release a Live EP bundle with all proceeds going to Support Act, who are providing much needed relief for those who work in the music industry.” Check out the merch bundle here.

SAFIA frontman Benjamin Joseph recently featured on the Alice Ivy single ‘Better Man’. In a statement, Ivy praised Joseph’s writing and instrumental talent.

“Ben’s writing style is different to mine… I kind of like to focus on getting the song as vibey as possible including the vocals from the get-go,” she said.

“When we were writing the hook we were listening to references and we got onto The Bee Gees and Ben goes ‘I haven’t pushed my falsetto that high before’, so we gave it a crack and it stuck!”

The ‘Story’s Start or End’ live EP tracklist is:

1. ‘Ivory Lullaby’ (Live at The Forum)
2. ‘Starlight’ (Live at The Tivoli)
3. ‘Resolution’ (Live at The Forum)
4. ‘Vagabonds’ (Live at Enmore Theatre)
5. ‘Story’s Start or End’ (Live at Enmore Theatre)