Saint Lane reveals scenic new music video for single ‘The Water’

The song was originally released last November

Saint Lane has just revealed the picturesque new music video for his November single, ‘The Water’.

Shot at Somerset Dam in Queensland – where the New Zealand-born artist is now based – the vivid visual was filmed and directed by Tristan Solar-Young. The clip portrays the natural landscape while Lane performs among the vast surroundings in dashing fashionable attire.

“I was going for a Chance the Rapper meets Harry Styles things both sonically and with the outfit,” Lane said in a press statement.


“We wanted the location of the track to feel as big as the song. Massive mountains, huge river, full of life. Lots of brightness.”

Watch the video below:

‘The Water’ featured in Lane’s 2020 album, ‘When Did We Grow Up?’, released last November, the singer-songwriter releasing the album’s title track as a single in . Upon the song’s release, Lane said it was inspired by “the heartbreaking fallout” he had with three close friends.

Recently Saint Lane made the news after his car was stolen and the thieves bragged about it on their Tik Tok and Instagram accounts.


Lane returned fire on the thieves – who had broken into his home for the keys – and started trolling them on his channels with a series of hilarious videos. “Damn, that kind of looks like a white Kia at the front of my house,” Lane says sarcastically in one video.