Saint Lane shares self-reflective new song ‘When Did We Grow Up?’

Inspired by the “heartbreaking” fallout he had with three close friends

Gold Coast rapper Saint Lane has shared a new track, ‘When Did We Grow Up?’, inspired by “the worst year of his life”.

Last year, Lane lost his father and subsequently had a falling out with three close friends. The latter situation was the motivation for his latest track, which features fellow Queensland artist Robbie Miller.

Listen to ‘When Did We Grow Up?’ below:


In an Instagram post, Saint Lane explained how “it was a heartbreaking experience to see friendships collapse from jealousy, envy and greed, and to watch people I would once call my brothers reveal their true colours and motives”. According to another post, shared on the day of the track’s release (May 22), Lane said the trio “attempted to make money” from his father’s death.

“Within weeks of experiencing major trauma, people who were meant to be there for me completely changed and I didn’t even recognise my closest friends anymore. It was a betrayal and these three were unphased by their actions. It was killing me inside and impacting my life so negativity when I was already in such a dark place,” Lane said.

“So, I wrote a letter. This letter was to me from them ‘apologising’ so I could move on. I knew they would never say sorry, so I said sorry for them. The letter is the lyrics to this song. From them to me.”

Saint Lane was born in New Zealand but currently resides on the Gold Coast. He made his debut with the single ‘Compliment My Shirt’. ‘When Did We Grow Up?’ and previous single ‘Hickeys’ are set to appear on his forthcoming debut LP which, as Billboard reports, is called ‘If I Leave You In The Fire’.