Sally Grossman, icon of Bob Dylan cover art, has died aged 81

Grossman, wife to Dylan's one-time manager Albert, is immortalised on the sleeve of 1965's 'Bringing It All Back Home'

Sally Grossman, the wife of Bob Dylan‘s former manager Albert and star of the singer’s most iconic cover art, has died aged 81.

Grossman’s niece Anna Buehler confirmed to Rolling Stone that she died in her sleep at home in Woodstock, New York last week (March 10).

Few knew who Grossman was when she appeared next to Dylan on the striking cover of 1965’s ‘Bringing It All Back Home’ LP, but it was revealed in time that she was the wife of Dylan’s then-manager Albert Grossman.

The Grossmans both had a significant impact on Dylan’s career and also worked with Janis JoplinThe Band, among others.

After her husband’s death from a heart attack on a flight from the United States to Europe in 1986, Grossman carried on his legacy by overseeing his legendary studio Bearsville and associated record label Bearsville Records.

A tribute to Grossman has been shared by author Neil Gaiman, who wrote: “I’m sad to hear that Sally Grossman has passed away. She was funny, salty, sometimes grumpy (but I think she liked me) a smart businesswoman and a fount of stories. No more lunches at the Little Bear.

“The couch (her wedding present from Mary Travers) is empty now.”

See more tributes to Grossman below.

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