Sampa The Great releases ‘Time’s Up’ remix with Junglepussy

The artist has also announced a new remix competition

Sampa The Great has released a remix of her track ‘Time’s Up’ featuring New York rapper Junglepussy.

The remix was teased on social media yesterday (September 16), along with graffiti-style artwork by Mithsuca Berry.

Listen to the remix below:



In addition to the new release, the artist – real name Sampa Tembo – has launched the #TimesUpRemix competition in partnership with SoundCloud. The contest invites Black women and non-binary people to submit verses for ‘Time’s Up’ through SoundCloud, Instagram, Twitter, TikTok or Facebook.

The two winners of the contest will receive a one-year subscription to SoundCloud Pro and have their remix uploaded and shared on social media. The competition closes September 30, with full details available on Sampa The Great’s SoundCloud page. All proceeds generated from the remix’s gross income will be donated to Pola Psychology, which Tembo previously organised a crowdfunding campaign for.

“We started this competition to hear verses from Black women and non-binary people all around the world,” Tembo said in a statement.

“Speak on the industry or your experience, speak in vernacular, speak on how proud you are to be you. Whatever you do, speak as you!”


‘Time’s Up’ was released as part of Sampa The Great’s 2019 award-winning debut album, ‘The Return’. The accompanying music video arrived back in July.

“‘Time’s Up’ is a track that was made to reflect a conversation between two young Black artists about the Australian music industry. With the current atmosphere it’s an important time to address systemic racism within the music industry, especially as it slowly rebuilds,”  Tembo said in a statement at the time.

“Allyship should never be performative and as we continue past blackout day, all music orgs/labels should be put to task in bringing forward their initiatives for real change within their industry.”

Tembo’s recent work has earned her nominations at the forthcoming AIR and National Live Music Awards ceremonies.

Sampa The Great recently featured on The Avalanches’ latest release, ‘Take Care In Your Dreaming’, alongside Denzel Curry and Tricky. Speaking to NME, The Avalanches explained how the collaboration came to be.

“We did a gig with her at 2017 at the Sydney Opera House with this amazing backdrop and wanted some special guest vocalists so we asked Sampa and she was amazing,” bandmate Tony Di Blasi said.

“We had a couple of hours rehearsal and she popped in. She’s pretty tiny but such a powerhouse with so much charisma. We were like, ‘Man, we’ve got to do a track with her at some point’.”

Additionally, Tembo premiered a new song, ‘This Is The Light’, during a recent live-streamed concert in Zambia.

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