San Joseph bares his soul on heartrending new single ‘Everything In The Room’

The new song marks a tonal 180 from Joseph’s previous single, ‘Blink Twice’

Melbourne indie-pop artist San Joseph has shared an emotive new single titled ‘Everything In The Room’, landing as his second original track for the year (and second overall).

The new song marks a tonal 180 from Joseph’s previous single, ‘Blink Twice’ – where that track was summery and energised, ‘Everything In The Room’ is a slow-burning ballad carried by gentle acoustic guitars, glimmering keys and atmospheric synth flourishes.

Have a listen to ‘Everything In The Room’ below:


In a press release, Joseph explained that ‘Everything In The Room’ was written as a direct response to ‘Blink Twice’, having released that single during lockdown back in June and being unable to enjoy the track’s success beyond social media.

“I’ve been in lockdown since ‘Blink Twice’ came out,” he said, “so music for me has meant spending every day trying to figure out how to master social media in a way that feels like me.”

Thematically, the track recounts Joseph’s experience of reckoning with a breakup he found hard to move on from. “It’s been such a volatile state for me, mentally,” he said. “I had the sudden realisation that I’d been writing the same song a million different ways about the same person. It explores a paranoia that inanimate objects were judging me for not having moved on from my ex.”

As with ‘Blink Twice’, the new single was made in tandem with collaborator Dylan Nash (Gretta Ray, Dean Lewis, Angus & Julia Stone), with Joseph saying that Nash “took the reins in creatively expressing the song without losing that organic feel”.


He continued: “I’ve learned to put a deep trust in Dylan’s production vision, so I knew from the start that we were going to make something I really connected with.”

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