San Mei shares dreamy new music video for ‘Cry’

An ode to escapism

Australian dream-pop artist San Mei has just dropped a new music video for the title track of her latest EP, ‘Cry’. Check it out below.

San Mei — real name Emily Hamilton — described the music video’s narrative as “longing, daydreaming, wishing for more and for a better day”.

“While it’s important to me that people are able to relate to the type of restlessness that can often bring pain,” Hamilton said about the visual, “I wanted the video to feel wistful and celebrate the idea that you can break free from your own mindset if you just let go, breathe, and find some joy in the present.”


Watch the video for ‘Cry’ here.

“I think when we’re young, we lament all the things we don’t have, or how we’re not where we want to be yet,” San Mei said of the message behind her song ‘Cry’. “We could actually end up wishing our time and youth away. This song is a reminder to myself to stop, breathe and appreciate this stage of my life and everything it has to offer.”

‘Cry’ is the title track of San Mei’s recently released EP, which also features the songs ‘Something Good’, ‘Love In The Dark’ and ‘Cherry Days’.

The four-track EP, which dropped on March 20, was co-produced with audio engineers/producers Oscar Dawson (Holy Holy, Ali Barter, Alex Lahey) and Scott Horscroft (Silverchair, Last Dinosaurs, The Presets).


Last year, San Mei played over 45 local and international shows, including nine shows at SXSW and supporting performances for Ali Barter, G Flip, and Jack River.

San Mei was slated for a reappearance at SXSW 2020, before the Austin festival was cancelled due to coronavirus concerns.


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