San Mei tackles grief and loss in new single ‘Midnight’

Written after the loss of her mother

San Mei has returned today (August 14) with her new single, ‘Midnight’. The track sees the singer-songwriter – real name Emily Hamilton – aim to find hope and optimism after suffering a huge loss.

‘Midnight’ marks the first release of San Mei’s since she dropped her ‘Cry’ EP earlier this year.

The single, which was co-produced by Michael McCartney and Holy Holy’s Oscar Dawson, was written after the passing of Hamilton’s mother.


“For a while, I’d wake up every single night around midnight in a panic about it, struggling to accept what I’d lost,” she said in a press statement.

“It felt surreal, like a dream.”

“I wanted this song to be a celebration and a sweet send-off, and my way of finally saying goodbye,” she continued.

“I wrote the chorus lyrics ‘go sweetly, out into the night‘ as a sentiment of letting go, because I decided I didn’t want to keep trying to hold on to something I wasn’t going to get back.”

She also explained that she had more difficulty writing ‘Midnight’ than any other song she’s penned in her career thus far.


“At the time it felt like we were never going to finish it, but it literally came down to finding the right guitar part for the verses, and everything finally clicked into place,” she said.

“The song itself is very special and personal to me, and I think that made it harder to get right, because it had to be right. In the end it became the tribute I wanted it to be, feeling hopeful and reminiscent amidst the feelings of loss.”